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Bringing genomics to life

Explore genetics for yourself through our range of apps, films, animations, website and interactive exhibitions is the place to find out everything you want to know about DNA, genes and genomes through a range of articles, animations and films. You'll be able to find out what a genome is and how we sequence DNA. You’ll also be able to explore what genetics can tell us about an individual and a population, and why this can sometimes throw up some tricky ethical questions and debates.

Our films provide insight into the world of genomics through the people doing the research. You can see behind the scenes of the science and find out what drives our scientists to discover more about how living things work. With films covering a range of topics from cancer to malaria, science careers to science-inspired art, there’s something for everyone. All of our films are available on and YouTube.

Our animations help you to delve into the technical detail of genetics. Explaining key concepts and techniques, they enable you to travel into the genome and see the cell in action. We also explore the techniques that have revolutionised how we study genetics from the Human Genome Project to today’s cuttingedge technologies. All of them are available on and YouTube.

Our team has developed stunning exhibitions about genomics for the public to visit. These have included Inside DNA which travelled around the UK Science Discovery Centres and Beyond the Genome at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. A blend of digital interactives, films and hands-on elements have enabled thousands of people to get close to genomics and explore it for themselves.

Bringing scientists and artists together

In partnership artists and scientists can think about their work in new ways and produce works that encourage people to engage with genomics at an emotional level

We initiate and encourage collaborative projects between artists and scientists. This is an enriching experience for both parties; inspiring them to approach their work from a different perspective. We hope that the resulting artworks inspire people to reflect on the impact of genetics on our health and the opportunities and challenges it raises for society.

The Cultural Zone is an exciting new space that encourages you to reflect and discuss the social context and ethics of genetics. Objects, illustrations and film bring to life the story of the Human Genome Project; a project that revolutionised biomedical science and our ability to explore what makes us and all life. You can also find out about trees of life. From medieval illustrations to Darwin sketches and beyond, trees have helped us understand how life is connected.

As artist-in-residence at the Sanger Institute, Deborah Robinson spent many hours with researchers, observing lab work and exploring the challenges in controlling the malaria parasite and its vector, the mosquito. Her work Parasite uses archive eradication campaign films programmed with their own parasite. This slowly erodes the film as it moves through its own life cycle; mirroring the effect of the malaria parasite on our red blood cells, creating an immersive and disconcerting experience.

Inspiring school students and teachers

Get engaged with and be inspired by the exciting science here with our educational visits, resources and teacher training events

Our visit programme provides inspiring and enriching experiences for GCSE and A-level students. Through hands-on activities and engaging scientist talks, students learn about DNA sequencing technologies, human disease, cancer and pathogen genomics. Tours of the campus provide insight into the workings of scientific research, including access to one of the world’s largest DNA sequencing facilities.

Keeping up to date with the latest research developments can be challenging for teachers. Our Continual Professional Development programme is developed and delivered with key partners such as the National Science Learning Centre and Prince’s Teaching Institute. Providing essential subject knowledge updates and training on our resources, we enable teachers to feel confident in teaching genomics in the classroom.

Working with our scientists and education research specialists we develop resources that can be used to support your teaching of genomics in the classroom. These include videos, animations and classroom based activities. All our resources are freely available on our website

Want to keep updated with all the latest educational resources, events and activities from the Wellcome Genome Campus? Sign up to our Education Update and receive regular news and information from the Public Engagement team. You can also find our resources on TES and the STEM E-library.

Connecting Science

Wellcome Genome Campus Public Engagement is part of Connecting Science.

Connecting Science inspires new thinking, sparks conversation and supports learning by drawing on the ground-breaking research taking place on the Wellcome Genome Campus. We connect researchers, health professionals and the wider public, creating opportunities and spaces to explore genomic science and its impact on people.

Together with the other Connecting Science teams – Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences, Conference Centre and Society and Ethics Research – we enable everyone to explore genomic science and its impact on research, health and society.

Meet the team

We are a team with a range of skills and expertise that enable us to bring the science of genomics to life.

You can read a little about each of the team below. If you would like more information about our work or are interested in working with us please feel free to contact us at

Steve Scott

Content Producer

I coordinate a range of projects to engage different audiences with genomics. I also manage the studio team that create our graphic and multimedia resources.

Francesca Gale

Education Officer

I run the education activities, hosting educational visits on campus, developing teaching resources and providing genomics CPD sessions for teachers both on and off campus.

Becky Gilmore

Exhibition Curator

I develop exhibitions and events for the Cultural Zone, and help foster artistic and cultural collaborations.

Laura Olivares Boldú

Graphic designer

I create illustrations to visually communicate science. I play with type, form and images to develop materials for web and print.

Mark Danson

Interactive Designer

I create websites, apps and interactives that help to bring to life different aspects of genomics.


Jon Roberts

PhD student

I'm a genetic counsellor studying for a PhD at King's College London and the Wellcome Genome Campus. I'm looking at how stories can facilitate family communication and public engagement with genomics.

Hannah Wilgar

Web Content Editor

I write the content for our website, which provides information about genomics and stimulates discussion of the related social and ethical issues.



Emily Chillingworth

Communications Administration Co-ordinator

I provide administrative support to the Manager and Public Engagement team, and help to coordinate our visits programme.