Hidden Lives: a story of discovery

Discover stories of ancient people, and how through DNA research we can reveal their hidden lives and our shared story

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Fri 16 Jun 17 (All day) to Sun 24 Dec 17 (All day)
Cultural Zone, Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton CB10 1SA
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Hidden Lives: a story of discovery features archaeological artefacts discovered at the Wellcome Genome Campus, including ancient human remains, some of which have had their genome sequenced. Developed in partnership with campus scientists and archaeologists, the exhibition explores what we can discover about the past from the things left behind, and how archaeology and DNA analysis can be used to help us better understand our past but also more about ourselves.

The Cultural Zone exhibition space is open on the third Saturday of the month for drop-in visits, and on certain evenings. Group visits at other times are also very welcome, by arrangement.