Open Saturday

Join us for a fun afternoon of DNA-based science activities, curator talks and a tour of the Wellcome Genome Campus.

Sat 21 Jan 17,
12:00 to 16:00
Wellcome Genome Campus
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On the final weekend of our exhibition, Stutterer, join us for a range of activities throughout the afternoon, from curator talks to hands-on DNA-based science activities and a tour of the Wellcome Genome Campus. 

Through a changing programme of displays and exhibitions the Cultural Zone explores the stories of genomics research, and encourages you to discuss the social impact of genetics. 

Objects, illustrations and film bring to life the story of the Human Genome Project; a project that revolutionised biomedical science and our ability to explore what makes us, and all life. You can also find out about trees of life. From medieval illustrations to Darwin’s sketches and beyond, trees have helped us understand how life is connected.