The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Antibodies, Microbes and Immunity

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Wed 8th Feb, 3:59pm

Every day your immune system is busy protecting you from the thousands of germs around you that can make you sick. It does its job so efficiently that you don’t even notice that it is at work. Micro-organisms are present in your gut and interact with your body during periods of health and disease. When the immune system hits the wrong target, however, it can unleash a torrent of disorders, including inflammatory diseases, cancer, and autoimmune disease. Come along and be enlightened by our experts in the field.

Panelists: Dr Eoin McKinney (Autoimmunity - Deparment of Medicine), Dr Maike De La Roche (Immunity - Cancer Research UK), Dr Sam Forster (Microbiota - Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute). Chaired by Prof Clare Bryant (Innate Immunity - Department of Vet Medicine).