Café Sci Cambridge: Every step you take, I’ll be watching you…

With the recent growth in popularity of wearables, are fun stepping competitions with your friends the advent of something more sinister?
14th Mar 2018

Cambridge Science Festival: Genomics in a jiffy

Join us for this lively, fast-paced 'speed science' social with researchers from the Wellcome Genome Campus
22nd Mar 2018

Cambridge Science Festival: Get to grips with genomics

Get to grips with genomics through a range of hands-on DNA activities with researchers from the Wellcome Genome Campus.
17th - 18th Mar 2018 (2 events)

Cardboard cut the Human Cell Atlas

Discover more about a bold new project to create a Human Cell Atlas, and learn the technique of cardboard cut printmaking in this one-day workshop!
20th Jun 2018

Mutations, cancers and monoprinting

Explore how our cells change and cancer develops, and use textures and found objects for monoprinting in this one-day workshop
23rd May 2018

Printing takes guts

Explore the world of the microbiome and learn linocut printing in this one-day workshop
18th Apr 2018

Proteins into prints

Explore proteins and learn monoprinting techniques in this one-day workshop
21st Mar 2018

Science Comedy at the Maypole

Join scientists from the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute and Sanger Institute for a night of comedy
22nd Nov 2017

Printing genomes

Immerse yourself in a day of all things genomics and learn some printmaking techniques
1st Dec 2017

Bioscience Lite: Stem Cells

Free twilight teacher training hosted by the Wellcome Genome Campus and the Babraham Institute to explore some of the big topics in bioscience.
22nd Jun 2017