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9th May 2017

Cambridge Science Festival 2017

What makes you, you: stories of genetics and human identity

How does genetics relate to who ‘we’ are? Social scientist Jonathan Roberts explores how films and books can help us think about our identity as we enter the genomic age.
23rd Mar 2017

Your DNA, your say

Your DNA is more personal to you than an iris scan or a fingerprint. Discuss the issues of donating, accessing and sharing genetic data with experts from the Wellcome Genome Campus.
13th Mar 2017

Mini-me: 3D organoids

Petri-dishes filled with beating hearts and firing neurons - it's the stuff of science fiction! Join us to hear the real story from a panel of scientists currently growing 'miniature organs'. How is it done? And why are these technologies so important for biomedical research?
15th Mar 2017

Epigenetics: DNA Does Not Account for everything

The same script can result in many different productions of a play. Increasingly, we are coming to understand DNA in the same way. Join a panel of epigenetics researchers to find out what we are learning about the world beyond DNA and what remains to be discovered.
21st Mar 2017

In.D.N.A Jones and the big genetic data hunt

Explore what we can find out about ourselves from our DNA through a range of hands-on activities with staff from the Wellcome Genome Campus.
18th - 19th Mar 2017 (3 events)

Hidden Lives launch

Discover stories of ancient people, and how through DNA research we can reveal their hidden lives but also more about our shared story
2nd Jun 2017

Letter by letter: Sequencing genomes

Explore how DNA sequencing technology has developed in this display featuring objects from the Wellcome Genome Campus collection
18th Feb - 21st May 2017

Saving the Devil

How is genomics is being used as a tool in animal conservation?